Friday, June 29, 2012

Small Setback

So while I did get started quilting yet another baby quilt I ran into a small set back.  If you look at the bottom of the following picture you can see the red clamp that is holding the backing fabric onto the leader.  You can also see how the quilt top extends past that point!  I ran short of backing fabric.

I had pieced the backing to this quilt using up scraps before I had a longarm. There would have been plenty of fabric if I had pin basted it and quilted it on my Janome.  Now I know how important it is to have about 8-10" extra inches in length for the backing fabric to load it onto the longarm frame.  I knew this information in theory before, but there is nothing like hands on learning!

All was not lost however.  I took the quilt off the frame. Cut off the extra backing fabric that was at the top (you can see it at the bottom in this picture)  and sewed it to the bottom where it was needed. (Hindsight really is 20/20 -  I could have saved myself the trouble by adding a piece of scrap fabric to the top of the backing in the first place to give myself the wiggle room I needed.)  

Now all is well and I can finish the last bit of this quilt.  Hope this is the only lesson I learn on this one!


  1. Nothing like learning first hand what not to do.
    You were just testing the theory right? :)

  2. Good that you got that problem figured out. I bet you are not the only one who has done that. Quilt looks great.

  3. Well they always say when you learn by a mistake you don't forget. I have done this very same thing and have had to remove the quilt, add more backing, and re-attach the quilt and finish. Very annoying when you are just buzzing along and then realize the error. You are not alone 8).