Monday, October 8, 2012

Eileen's Scrappy Squares

This is Eileen's quilt.   I have to admit that when she passed this quilt to me I was shaking a little.  I have a top just like this one, and had not yet figured out how to quilt my own. All I could see when I look at it was a sea of white, and lots of odd shapes.

As a general rule Eileen would prefer something other than feathers on her quilts, I knew it needed something special in those snowball blocks.  Slowly the ideas started coming, and after I developed a plan I really enjoyed the quilting process.

So Fine! thread, Quilter's Dream Blend batting.  Eileen's subtle backing fabric really shows off the quilting. 

Her are a few shots of some of the shopping I did at the Kick Ass Country Store Birthday Sale.  I am just a sucker for batiks on sale!  Some for fun, some to match a project I might want to make bigger.  And a new book and some stencils for inspiration.



  1. very nice job Lori, as always you impress me.

  2. No shaking needed! You did a terrific job! I love it! E