Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nine Patch Pizazz

This lovely quilt belongs to Bev.  She took a bunch of simple nine patch blocks that she won at our local Guild and turned them into something very special.

 The fabrics she chose for the setting triangles, sashing and border surprised and delighted me.  I used the "Fluffy Clouds "panto which is very light and open.  A steel blue cotton thread on top and So Fine thread on the bottom.

This was my first post after my photography lesson from Kathy.  It felt a little bit like a pop quiz.  I don't think I would give myself an A yet, but do feel a little more confident.  I am still struggling with getting a nice shot of the whole quilt.  I will just have to keep practicing.  Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Lovely quilting! I think your photos are very nicely set up, but with some basic photo editing software to sharpen them, increase the contrast and possibly saturate the colours further, they would be even better. It's not difficult to do.

  2. So did you get any funny looks when you were taking pictures of the quilt at the old train station? :)
    Great location for a photo shoot! The only thing that would have made it better was if the sun was shining but you can't control that!

  3. My favorite picture...the last one...the leaves just do it for me. Last night it rained both leaves and water droplets. Only a few leaves are still clinging to their branches. As Kathy said so fittingly on her blog yesterday, "Don't Blink".

  4. I love that!
    I am known in our local quilting circle as No 1 loving purple and No 2 loving 9 patches. So much you can do with a nine patch!!

    Photos great. Wish I could do that well!