Friday, December 14, 2012

100 Blocks Complete

I am thrilled to report that I have completed the last five blocks in the Just Takes 2 Block of the month that I have been working on over the course of 2012.  That brings the grand total to 100!

These were two blocks I decided to redo.  I had printed off the the foundations for the bear paw at the wrong size so my original block was 9" instead of 9 1/2".  I wasn't happy with the applique on the turquoise one, so it got a second try.

Here are the four sections of the quilt top in the layout as directed. This quilt was designed to be a two color quilt. Since I have such a variety of colors, I think it will need a little rearranging - there seems to be a purple/blue section towards the bottom,  but that is a project for the new year. I will likely Tackle that at a guild day, where I can push a few tables together and get some extra input as to what looks best.

I have also finished the 4th block in the Curve It Up Quilt Along.  It's not too late to jump on this bandwagon.   Instructions are available at Sew Kind of Wonderful or HGMR Deco Quilting. These are 16" blocks.  It is proving to be a lot of fun.

Now off to sew so Christmas presents and play costumes.  No quilting for me for awhile!

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  1. I haven't laid mine out yet and know I'll need to do some rearranging too!