Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Friendship Stars

 This quilt belongs to the Crocus Quilters Guild here in Dauphin.  I did the quilting, but the blocks were made by various members.  My friend Sandra and I picked out the bold border and setting square fabric. I'm not sure everyone thought we made a good choice before it was sewn together, but I do think the majority are pleasantly surprised now.  Choosing a thread color was the toughest decision for me.   It really came together into a nice quilt, that has more of a masculine feel.  The "Mimosa" panto helped to keep the masculine feel as well. 

 I guess I have to return it to the guild now, but doesn't it look good on my couch with my Christmas pillow?

1 comment:

  1. What... you have your tree up all ready!! :)
    Sandra and you chose well, the stars really stand out beautifully with those fabrics. Enjoying your pictures, especially the first and last one. And yes it does look great on your couch!