Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow Dyeing & Infinity Scarves

I took a little time yesterday to do some dyeing.  I was low on my inventory of infinity scarves and my daughter wanted to give a few as Christmas gifts.  Her request was for a color kind of like strawberry yogurt, but darker.  Not sure that I quite understood what I was shooting for, but decided a variety of pinks and purples was the way to go.

She also requested some a mini snow dyed mandala for a special friend.  My normal mandalas are about 40" square.  These ones are about 20".


 Most of them came out a little lighter than expected.  We both picked the same favorite and she and her dad got to work stretching it over a simple frame.  

I also found some time for a little costume sewing. Here is a peek at the maid's dress.  It only needs a zipper. This one feels really good to have off my to do list.  Now, one last day to get everything done before school is out....

1 comment:

  1. The scarves turned out great, I would call that strawberry yogart colours!
    Love the Mandala's and that one looks so good framed.