Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thank you Mr. Postman!

I love a getting packages in the mail and I got some great ones in the last two days.

First a book and a 12" Boomerang Ruler from Deloa's quilt shop. I am hoping the ruler will be the perfect size to use on an upcoming quilt for Robin.

I also got a thread order.  They always look so pretty when you crack open the box!  Some of these are for a friend, but at least I got to enjoy them for a while!

And from Batiks Plus I got the kit for the Bullas Bears Block of the Month quilt I am doing through the Online Quilt Pattern Magazine.  I was just taken by this pattern and had to do it. (More on this when I get the first block done.)

The kit came so well labelled and organized.  I was really impressed.  No guess work about which fabric to use where!

 And two free thank you fat quarters.  How can that not make you smile?

Last but not least, the biggest box that arrived contained these totes for my customer quilts.  Love them!

Now a little update on what has been happening in the studio/bedroom renovation.

Just before sanding the drywall Nolan was installing the dust barrier which consists of a sheet of poly and a zipper..  Once installed you slit the poly behind the zipper and voila a door.  He left the utility knife on my side of the barrier....  We have used these zipper walls a number of times and they do a pretty good job a reducing the amount of drywall dust that travels.

And here is a little proof that I do help once in a while... a little stipple repair.

Good bye yellowed and sparkly stipple.  Looks so much better with a fresh coat of paint!

There was a very odd hollow jut built out under the electrical panel.  I couldn't have my desk up to the wall because of it, so a little fine tuning in that corner...

And good bye paneling.  Priming is always a happy day when the dust gets sealed in!

And the first coat of paint.  The color isn't very true is this picture.  It dries more a warm taupe than yellow.  I was sort of panicking when it was wet!

One more coat of paint and then we wait for the flooring to arrive.... 


  1. Love the new bags, they turned out great....do I get one? :)
    Nolan looks like he's in quarantine in a SciFi movie behind that plastic!! Good idea to keep the mess contained.
    Really like your polar bear project...and free batiks with it, that's a great shop!

  2. The rooms are looking great! Will you be taking bookings anytime soon?
    I also love the new bags and am thinking that maybe as a past customer I could claim one!