Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sunflower Quilt

This cheerful sunflower quilt belongs to Reneta. It is made out of a jelly roll in the 1600 quilt style for the background, with appliqued sunflower centers and stems and prairie points for the petals.

I really enjoyed all the freehand quilting on this one.  The background got a freehand leafy/paisley/petal motif that was shared by Wendy over at Ivory Spring.  There were similar motifs in the fabric collection, so I thought it worked well.

Each of the sunflowers got a slightly different fill - a stipple, some "3s and es", and echoed teardrop.  The outside border got a motif that was taught to me as "onions and garlic".  (It kind of looks like a rosebud too.)

 Here is a good shot of the back.  The quilting shows up pretty well, and I love how two little strips of fabric can add so much interest.

And just to make you a little jealous, this is what I got to enjoy for girls' supper #2 of the summer.  We had homemade chocolates for dessert, but I didn't snap a picture of those.


  1. Beautiful quilt!!I love this colours..

  2. I'm not a little jealous, I'm very jealous! My boys would never cook like that for me.