Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mellow Yellow

This cheery quilt belongs to Bev.  The pattern is called "Mellow Yellow" and is from the November 2009 issue of The Quilter Magazine.

Bev making this quilt for her 7 year old granddaughter and I had a lot of fun choosing quilting designs with that in mind.  I did a ribbon meander around the appliqued flowers and added a few surprises for a little fun - butterflies, bees, hearts and her name.

The pieced strips got a curly vine rather than a traditional feather.

My favorite part was something that I tried for the first time.  I thought a young girl would love big flowers in the border instead of feathers, and I just love the end result.

And one last picture with the back making an appearance.   

We have still been having some crazy winter weather around here.  No buses transporting kids to school again today.  Feeling for those living in the rural areas having to deal with this kind of situation!


  1. Lovely quilting. The flowers in the border perfect.

  2. Congratulations, Bev on a gorgeous quilt. Your granddaughter is very lucky. I love the quilting Lori; especially the flowers in the borders. They mimic the applique flowers so wonderfully. Is that cuddle I see on the back? So cozy.

  3. Love your quilting Lori and Bev's quilt. Funnily enough, I have the exact same quilt waiting to be quilted for my friend Colleen. It has two extra applique strips to make it wider and Colleen has used a beautiful black, red and white floral border. The quilt is for her daughter too, but Renee is in her 20's and lives in Australia. I hope I do as great a job as yours Lori.