Friday, February 21, 2014

More Progress

I had quite a productive session at out guild UFO day last weekend.  These were all the pieces I had ready to make into blocks at the beginning of the day.

And here is what I had left at the end.

 I was able to piece 38 blocks together, bringing the grand total up to 44 out of the 99 I need.

I was a little worried that I might not enjoy putting them together, but my points are pointy and it really was a pleasure.  I used the Tri-Recs tool to cut out the pieces for the Triangle in a Square units and it truly works like magic.  I highly recommend it if you encounter a quilt that contains those units.

I promise I will have some quilting to show next week!


  1. I like my Tri Rec rulers too though I haven't used them for quite awhile. Time to dust them off. Your quilt is coming along wonderfully. I am looking forward to seeing its progress.

  2. Great job! What a lot of work you got done!