Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cindy's "Not Your Mother's Rail Fence" - 2.0

The stunning version of our Highway 10 Designs "Not You Mother's Rail Fence" pattern was made by Cindy.  The mix of rich and bright batiks really is breathtaking.

Cindy chose the paisley panto, Quilter's Dream Blend batting, and a shiny turquoise Magnifico thread.

Cindy also used some of my wide Stonehenge backing fabric.  It is a navy and brown combination that really adds to the richness of the quilt.

So tricky to get pictures in the wind!  Cindy, I loved your version of this pattern.  I can always tell when I've got a special one and all my family members stop to comment on it.  When you can stop a teenage girl in midstory to comment "wow, nice quilt" you know you did something special!   I really enjoyed having it in my house for awhile.

I am also excited to show my second completed row in the mystery leaf row quilt I am participating in.  This time the leaves were fused on and I did a machine blanket stitch around them.  

Here are rows one and two together.  I am loving this one.  I can't wait for next week to see what's next!


  1. Beautiful "Not Your Mother's Rail Fence" quilt. Wonderful colour selection, Cindy. Lori, I am smitten with this leaf row quilt. I, like you, can hardly wait for the next row.

  2. Lori, WOW! Your work is beautiful, both your long arm and your leaf row quilt. Thank you for making my quilt even more stunning.

  3. Both your works are just beautiful!

  4. Beautiful quilt and beautiful piecing. Love the color selections for both. Is it too late to join the mystery leaf one? Where is it through? Love it so far and can hardly wait to see the rest of it!

  5. Beautiful works, and love the quilting you did!