Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Man About Town

Cheri made this quilt out of Northcott's "Man About Town" Flannel collection.  The quality of Northcott's flannel is second to none making this a luxurious quilt. 

The pattern Cheri used is called Double Slice.  It uses a layer cake and you can see the tutorial here.

We decided on Quilter's Dream Midnight Poly Batting to keep it nice and light (and prevent any potential bearding through the back), a mossy green So Fine thread and the Fascination panto for a nice all over texture.

I am also excited to show you row 4 of the mystery row quilt I am participating in.  

A little more paper piecing for these Aspen leaves.  I decided to keep this row a little less scrappy than the last.  I used only two fabrics in each leaf, but the large color variation in the batik print gives the illusion of more.

 I am really loving how the rows look together.  Can't wait for the next set of instructions in early May!


  1. Those leaves are looking so good, and the quilt, a wide border sets it off so well.

  2. I agree that Northcott flannels are the best and Cheri's quilt looks so cozy! Love how your Leaf quilt is turning out, it's going to be gorgeous!