Monday, October 19, 2015

Log Cabin with Applique

This beauty was made by Pat.  A lucky granddaughter will be receiving this one.  I stitched in the ditch around the Celtic applique.  Pat stitched all of it down by hand, and did a lovely job.  I decided the centre block would look nice with a frame and feathers and some small stippling next to the applique.

I echoed around the butterflies a few times and then filled the remaining area with feathers that filled the rest of the background areas of the quilt.

The border framing the centre block got some curling "nemeshing" feathers.

I also stitched in the ditch around the log cabin sections and added a variety of petals and curls.  The outer border was treated with piano keys and swirls.

Here you can see the entire quilt layout that includes a pillow tuck section with a lovely floral applique.

I love how this section came out!


  1. Very pretty and feminine. Pat's granddaughter is very fortunate to be receiving such a fine example of her grandmother's work. I am not sure what I like best because I like it all. Great job, Pat and Lori.

  2. Such a beautiful quilt! What a lovely job both Pat and yourself did. Lucky granddaughter!

  3. Gorgeous colours, lovely Celtic applique, specially the centre piece, and your quilting sets it all off so well( couldn't find a word that said how wonderfully well,) superb doesn't seem to be quite enough of a statement for those swirls and all else.

  4. I love all the designs in this one too.

  5. Beautiful work both of you, and indeed, lucky Granddaughter!