Monday, October 12, 2015

Striped Diamonds


This fun scrappy quilt belongs to Eleanor (who lives in Michigan) but was brought to me by her daughter Dawn who lives here in Dauphin.  Eleanor and Dawn both have a much stronger artistic sense than I do, so it was fun working with Dawn to come up with a quilting plan.

Dawn envisioned something sort of tribal for the quilt design so I suggested the "Fossil" pantograph.

Thread color selection for pantographs on quilts with widely different colored sections can sometimes be a bit tricky. I was headed towards a neutral green, but Dawn wanted thread that would stand out.  We decided to change the color of thread on each pass of the panto, and use a contrasting color to the area of the quilt.  I used the 6 shades of So Fine! thread you see below.  They often blend into the fabrics, but they still add some extra interest to the top.  I enjoyed stepping out of my box just a little bit!

(I wish I had gotten better photos, but my camera battery and the sun didn't cooperate for me that day.)


  1. That certainly is one really visually interesting quilt. Nicely done to all.