Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pedal to the Metal (with a twist)

This quilt was made by Patrice and is a fun twist on the Pedal to the Metal by Highway 10 Designs.  Instead of making all of the blocks the same like the original pattern shown below, Patrice added a second color way to make it her own.  I love seeing the creativity of others!

 Patrice made her quilt for her 3 year old grandson, and wanted a youthful quilting design, so we opted for allover freehand double circles.

The Pedal to the Metal pattern does not yield much waste at all, but Patrice was very resourceful with her strip set ends and pieced them into the back of her quilt.

I really enjoyed quilting up this twist on Pedal to the Metal, and Patrice tells me she has another idea for her next version.  Can't wait to see it!




  1. Love the two colour variation! Great for a 3 year old boy!

  2. I love this twist to Pedal to The Medal. The quilting is perfect too. I look forward to Patrice's next variation.

  3. Lovely design with the extra colours, this will last a lifetime for the young man.