Friday, June 16, 2017

Eleanor's Music Quilt

This beauty was made by Eleanor and is a graduation present for her granddaughter.  Eleanor collected some of the nicest music themed fabric I have seen.  The quilt is personalized with a photo of Clara and her championship field band.

I tried to keep the quilting simple and let the fabrics shine through, and as a result I used quite a variety of thread.  Magnifico, So Fine, Microquilter and Invisifil.

The green Magnifico thread (2080 - Cactus Green) that is on the far left was used in the border.  Lots of the fabrics that Eleanor used had a metallic element, but a true gold thread was overpowering in the solid black border, but the olive green read as a gentle gold and added just the right amount of sheen in the feather border design. 

I chose a variety of designs to add a little interest - crosshatch, clam shells, some 60 degree diamonds and a few pebbles just for fun.  Simple loops in the sashing was all that was required.

I couldn't bring myself to stitch over the keyboard fabric, so I stitched around all the keys with black Microquilter thread.

The grey Stonehenge backing shows off the variety of quilting well too.


  1. Oh My !!! What an amazing quilt, those fabrics, the photos printed onto fabric, and your fab quilting, specially on the keyboard. What a gift. It will be so loved always.

  2. What an incredible quilt, and your quilting makes all the different aspects shine! Nicely done all around!