Friday, December 1, 2017

New Quilt Basting Service

After some research, and testing with a few friends, I have decided to offer a new service to my business - Quilt Basting.  I own an Innova Longarm and one of its many neat features, is the ability to do a long basting stitch.  I have friends who like to do their own quilting, but aren't satisfied with the results of their hand or pin basting, or just don't enjoy the process  - who likes crawling around on the floor?  They have given me very positive feedback after quilting a quilt that I basted on my longarm.

I will load your 3 quilt layers onto my frame and stitch with a basting stitch (3-4 stitches per inch) in rows about every 3-4 inches across your quilt.  I will supply with thread, but will not do any trimming so that you have lots of fabric to hold on to during the quilting process. I hope some of you will find this helpful.  The cost for this service is $0.005/sq. inch. (A quilt that is 80" x 90" in size would cost $36.) 

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