Friday, December 8, 2017

Polar Frost

Cathy made this cozy quilt from Northcott's Polar Frost collection.  It is flannel front and back and the crisp white and icy blues are just perfect.

Cathy selected the Fascination panto and had one request for me.  She was really hoping that the quilting wouldn't go through the eyes of the bears in the large panel.  (She had seen a finished quilt and the stitching lines through the eyes really didn't sit well with her.)

This is how I fulfilled her request.  When is was time to start the panto row , I dropped my needle in to the bear's eye. 

Then I headed to the back of the machine and laid a piece of plastic over the panto and marked the spot where the laser light was shining.  I knew that for this one I just needed to stop short of the point and all would be well.

For the baby bear, I had to redraw the panto line ever so slightly as you can see below.

Such a fun quilt to cuddle up with winter!

1 comment:

  1. just the quilt to look at while we swelter down here, the blues are so cooling. Lovely to see how you quilt around the eyes, I agree that those eyes need to be left alone.