Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Nina's Labyrinth

I recently had the pleasure of quilting this beauty for Nina.  The pattern is called Labyrinth by Calico Cottage.  This pattern had been around awhile but this is first one to come into my studio.

Nina selected the Zephyr panto and a charcoal Magnifico thread.

Nina does not like to waste fabric and was creative in her approach to the quilt borders and pieced backing strip.   Nina did a great job measuring and pressing when assembling the backing as it was as flat as a solid piece of fabric.  What makes the achievement even more impressive is that it was a mix of flannel and cotton!   (Normally I wouldn't recommend this much piecing in a backing because the chance of working in a little extra fabric here or there and causing a pleat to form in the quilting process is a clear and present danger.)

I'm sure the lucky recipients who find this under their Christmas tree will be thrilled!

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