Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Hockey Lonestar

This stunning tribute to a favorite hockey team- The Winnipeg Jets was designed and made by my very talented friend Dawn. (Please note there is not a pattern for sale for this design.)   Dawn worked from a traditional Lone Star pattern, but it is her artistic eye for the color placement that puts this one over the top!  

If you looking at examples of how most Lone Star quilts are quilted, they have feathers, or tonnes of feathers.  That wasn't going to fly here, so a more geometric approach was called for.  I wanted to keep the centre star "the star" of this quilt. I echoed around the entire star shape and then added a mix of continues curves and straight lines  to achieve the desired effect.

I filled is some of background acreage with quarter squares filled with u turns.

I knew I wanted to fill the rest with a background that would jsut highlight the centre.  Dawn popped over and we doodled a bit and discussed option and she loved the "cracked ice" triangle meander.  I was a bit worried as I had never done it before and there was lots of real estate to fill, but she was totally right.  I love the final effect!

Since all of the fabrics in the quilt were solid, I matched the top and bottom thread to the fabric on the top of the quilt.  There is a bit of a secondary design on the navy backing fabric.  I am so used to matching my bobbin thread to the backing, that is always shocks me to see bold thread on the back, but it was the right decision for the quilt to ensure a totally crisp finish on the front. 

Thanks for letting me help bring your vision to fruition Dawn, I truly enjoy our collaborations and look forward to the next one!


  1. Footprints in the snow, and an amazing design, quilt, finish, and the quilting, all together a fantastic tribute to the Winnipeg Jets.

  2. I don't usually comment but WOW. Not only is this a fantastic quilt to start with - you've really outdone yourself with the perfect quilting to really take it over the top.

    Well done! And I'm not even a hockey fan! :D

  3. Phenomenal! Well done, you two!