Monday, January 8, 2018

Traction by Highway 10 Designs

Today is the day that we launch our latest Highway 10 Designs pattern - Traction.  We are pleased to offer both traditional paper patterns or PDF downloads in our Etsy store.  

I am so please with the final product and excited to share it with you. This pattern does not require any specialty rulers, just a standard 6" x 24" ruler with 60 degree agree markings will do!  The pattern also includes instructions for three sizes - Lap, Double and Queen.

 The original idea for the pattern surfaced early in 2016, but the best way to approach piecing it wasn't initially obvious.  Kathy and I attended a retreat in the summer of 2016 and worked out many of the kinks, but the tweaking and perfecting process of writing this pattern took us to 2018!    The pattern is an intermediate level, but it comes together much more easily than you would imagine at first glance.  Kathy pieced the yellow and black version you see above and the pretty pink version you see below.

Both of these versions have a complementary pantograph for the quilting. The different color choices really change the look of the pattern don't they?

I pieced the grey and turquoise version that always seemed destined to be our "cover girl" so she got the custom quilting treatment.

I extended the diamonds shapes into the border and surrounded them with pebbles for interest.  

Some loops and shells and a bit of ruler work brought it all together. 

One of the tasks that always is a bit challenging is coming up with just the right pattern name.  We kept seeing tire tracks in the snow (or mud) so it only made sense to dub it "Traction" right?

Along with paper copies of Traction, we are now also able to offer paper copies of our Stellar pattern.  You can learn more about that one here.  Visit our Etsy store or contact us for wholesale inquires.

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  1. Super name, and design, and on the snow, a bonus for a photo shoot ( IMHO)!!