Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Leaf Me Alone to Quilt

This stunning quilt was made by the very talented Cindy.  The pattern is called "Leaf Me Alone to Quilt" by Joan's Own Creations.  Cindy put a lot of work into this top between the applique, satin stitching and piecing in the border alone!   Enjoy some photos of this beauty....

I chose a few different background fills to compliment the leaves in the blocks.  I decided to leave the block frames and the leaf shapes in the border unquilted, and help them pop by filling the brown background with pebbles.  100 weight thread was the order of the day!

This oak leaf trio was my favorite.

I used crosshatching, stippling, curls and swirly wind for the backgrounds. 

We used one of my Stonehenge wide fabrics on the back, and I have to say I enjoyed seeing the quilting on the back.

Thanks for trusting me with your quilt Cindy, I had a lot of fun working on it!

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  1. Your welcome Lori! As always, you did beautiful quilting and I love it:)