Sunday, December 23, 2018

Sashed Half Hexagon Quilt

The last client quilt I finished before Christmas was for Cindy.  The pattern is by Missouri Star and is called "Sashed Half Hexagons."    

Cindy provided this Minkee dot backing and left the pantograph choice up to me.  The pattern in the border fabric made me think of confetti, so the "Flirtatious" pantograph that makes me think of streamers seemed very fitting.

I found this fabric collection to be a very pleasing but unique color palette.  It is from Art Gallery Fabrics and is from the Sparkler Fusion collection.   I used a greyed purple thread that didn't stand out too much on the black, but was a bit interesting.

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  1. Snow, that winter deep blue sky, one lovely tree as a backdrop,and a stunning quilt to finish it all off .Have a wonderful Christmas up North, a friend's son is down here, and said up in Ymir ( British Columbia ) where they live there is about 2 feet or more of snow,and it is very cold.