Sunday, March 10, 2019

Love Links

Amy brought me this fun quilt to work on.  The pattern is called Love Links by Studio 180 Designs.    Amy made this quilt for her niece's graduation, and we discussed some of my more modern pantograph patterns but nothing seemed quite right.  

The idea of all over "Loose Feathers" came to be the design of choice.  I didn't do any marking for this design.  I just let the feathers flow organically across the quilt.  It was a fun design to do and I am really pleased with the final look. 

Amy's niece loves the color pink and is a cosmetology student so fabrics were chosen accordingly.

I love to find a way to add a touch of personalization in the quilting when I can.  Adding the recipient's name in among the all over design seemed like the right touch.

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