Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Tony the Turtle


Reneta made these two darling baby quilts using the Tony the Turtle block from Elizabeth Hartman's Awesome Ocean pattern.  Both Reneta and I couldn't decide what quilting design idea we liked more so I decided to do them differently, one freehand and one with a panto.

The green turtle quilt was quilt freehand with a design I refer to as "Dwirling" that I learned from a book/video by the Pajama Quilter.  I love the addition of the lucky baby's name to the quilt top too.

For the blue turtle quilt, Reneta chose one of the new pantographs I just added to my collection and it is called "Curl and Swirl."

These are the eight new pantographs that I recently added to my collection.  I have also updated the pantograph page on my blog to include photos like these of all my pantographs that include a measuring tape across the bottom to help my clients get a better idea of the scale of the pantographs I have.

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  1. They are so lovely,and with a name on each one, love the curl and swirl,like baby turtles all curled up.