Monday, March 4, 2019

Scrappy Trip Around the World and International Exchange Round #2

This is another beautiful quilt that Reneta has made from her scraps.  She followed Bonnie Hunter 's "Scrappy Trip Around the World" free pattern.    For this one Reneta dug into her scrap flannels.  It is amazing how all of the different theme fabrics work together in this format.  In this little section you can see pine cones, flowers, Noah's ark, trees, bugs, fish, plaid.....

All this quilt needed to finish it off was a nice even textured panto.  You can't see if too well on the front, but the Lithe panto is a very nice compliment to this quilt.

If you dig into your flannels and add this many seams, the quilt will feel quite heavy for its size!

March 1st meant it was time for the reveal of out second blocks in our International Exchange with our Australian friends.  The theme this time around was Dredens.  The only requirement was the the floral fabric was used somewhere in the block.  

This is the one I made.  I don't usually go quite so scrappy, and I was excited to find 20 different fabrics to use in the Dresden blades.  I used our focus fabric in the centre.  I had never tried doing a Dresden with points on both ends, so this was fun.

Deseley made this one. I always love when someone does something I could never dream up!

Kathy and I were once again on similar wavelengths!

And Bronwyn used a mix of curved and pointed blades in hers.

Looking forward to our next assignment - Flying Geese!

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  1. A whole lot of seams there, and it will be weighty. Looks great against the snow.