Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Reed's Not Your Mother's Rail Fence


I am very excited to finally be able to share a quilt that I made for someone special!  This past weekend we celebrated with my oldest daughter Kyla's boyfriend Reed as he received his Bachelor of Music from Brandon University.

I knew that I wanted to make Reed a quilt for the occasion and I really wanted to make one of our Highway 10 Designs patterns.  Not Your Mother's Rail Fence is very versatile and makes a nice manly quilt, so it was one of my leading choices.

Reed has recently developed a bit of a fishing obsession, so when I saw the fish batik at Flare fabrics, I thought I might be onto something.  I passed my idea by my daughter and she loved it. Over Christmas holidays, she took a road trip with me to pick out the other three batiks from Kick Ass Country Store in Plumas, Manitoba.   The unique gold metallic inner border fabric came from my stash and gives a fun nod to his Music Degree.  The fish and music fabric are a bit of an odd combination but perfect for this recipient!

The whole family had a hand in the construction of the quilt when we were together over the Easter Weekend.  Kyla had the pedal to the metal on the sewing machine, I cut and organized, and Kendra and Nolan traded shifts at the ironing board.  Apparently they have all picked up some skills living in my quilty world!

We opted for the Bora Bora pantograph which makes me feel the wind on the lake. 

I opted to use a Pigma pen right on the backing fabric to label this quilt.  (I hope it lasts for more than a few washings.)

This is the Queen Size version of the pattern on a double bed.  Its a bit generous in size, but it should be with him when he upsizes his bed in the future.


  1. Beautiful and so fitting. I smile when I read how you got the whole family involved. It has got to mean so much more to Reed knowing everyone was involved.

  2. Families that join in to make a quilt, that is the extra special part that makes this a treasure.Great fabrics and panto, I am sure Reed was so happy.