Monday, December 2, 2019

Scrappy Eiffel Tower

The is another scrappy masterpiece made by Reneta.  She saw a picture of a quilt in progress on Pinterest and decided she needed to make one for herself.  To our knowledge there is no commercial pattern.  Reneta was inspired by this post on the Red Poppy Quilts blog.  As Reneta was piecing it she was finding the quilt was turning out a little long for its width so I suggested that she leave off the top border.  The top border is usually hidden when the quilt in on the bed, so it won't be noticed and it helped keep the quilt a better proportion, without making oddly small top and bottom borders.

When Reneta passed the quilt top on to me she asked if  I knew of a Fleur de Lis pantograph that she could buy for this quilt.  I showed her my "Joust" pantograph with is definitely Fleur de Lis inspired, and she loved it and gave the go ahead

Reneta used her scrappy batiks for the tower and a mix of neutrals for the background.  She had just enough of this cool border print to finish the quilt.

And just a reminder that the pattern sale continues until Midnight tonight over at the 

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  1. Stunning. Fleur de Lis, I used that for the " North" on a Mariner's Compass wall hanging I made ages ago.That suits Renata's quilt perfectly.Love the way the colours are used to frame it.