Sunday, December 15, 2019


I truly get to quilt some of the coolest quilts.  This one was made by Reneta for a little girl in her life that loves sharks, not cute "baby shark, doo doo" but real scary sharks!  Reneta found this cool paper pieced Great White Shark pattern by Quilt Art Designs and enlarged it 200%.  (Goofy daughter of mine for scale).

Since the shark needed to be intense rather than cute, we decided on the Ebb and Flow panto instead of bubbles and other sea creatures.

I was a little concerned that the panto might be a bit boring in all that background space, but I love the end result and it helps to keep the shark the star of the quilt and not add any distraction.

This wouldn't be every little girl's dream bedroom, but Reneta is going to make someone very happy!

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  1. Massive in size and detail. Great size comparison photo.