Thursday, December 19, 2019

Two Quilts in One!

This is the first quilt that I have had the pleasure of quilting for Karen.   She dug into leftovers from other projects to make the top and amazing back!

We selected the Mimosa pantograph for a nice all over texture, and a kind of "ugly on the spool" greenish/goldish/brownish colored thread that blended perfectly across the entire quilt.

And now the unexpected amazing surprise - the quilt back!

Karen did not have a pattern for this, she just used the scraps to make this awesome Inukshuk,  This is truly a reversible quilt. Karen is keeping this quilt for herself, and admitted that she would be putting it on the bed with the back side up first!


  1. I have wanted to have an Inukshuk in my garden, for some years, as a tribute to my friends in Canada. But to see one on a quilt, this is so lovely. Great fabrics front and back.