Monday, November 2, 2020

Jelly Roll Race x 5

It have been a few weeks since I shared pictures of the quilts I have had the pleasure of working on.  I have quite the line up of things to catch up on!  First up is this stack of jelly roll race quilts that Tannis brought over.

These quilts were pieced by Tannis' children and nieces and nephews when they were at her house when the schools were not open in the spring.  What a great project!  Luckily Tannis had a stash of jelly rolls for everyone to pick from. All the quilts have a cozy minkee backing  and Quilters Dream Puff batting. Tannis left the quilting design choices up to me, and I decided that each one should be different.  

Gingersnap Pantograph

Plush Pantograph

Popcorn Pantograph

Bora Bora Pantograph

Fascination Pantograph

 Have fun with all that binding Tannis!

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