Sunday, November 8, 2020

Simple but effective

Reneta is truly a prolific quilter.  You will recognize her name if you follow my blog!  This quilt wasn't on her 2020 list of must makes, but she snuck it in when she saw a need.  Reneta's daughter's roommate bought a pile of fabric with plans to make a quilt during the pandemic, but that plan wasn't going to happen.  When asked, of course Reneta said she would help her out.

Reneta asked if I had any ideas for a pattern that could use the 4 Christmas fabrics.  We searched pinterest and thought this simple pattern would let the cute focus fabric shine and let the other blend in.

Reneta made a pile of fabric that was destined to sit in the back of a closet into something that will be enjoyed!  Sometimes simple really is the way to go.

The Gingersnap pantograph with a shiny green Magnifico thread was the perfect finish.


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