Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Summer Lake Log Cabin

Lori brought me this Summer Lake Log Cabin quilt with a request for custom quilting.  The pictures of this quilt are a bit deceiving, as the contrast between the light and dark hand dyed fabrics are much more dramatic in the photos than they are in person.  Lori was hoping custom quilting would help to enhance the pattern.

I used a different quilting motif in each of the sections to help enhance them.  For the outer border I stitched in the ditch between the pieced piano keys.  The greek key element was subtle in the next border, so I  used a ribbon meander for the border and the middle of the centre star where those blocks reappeared.

Molar feathers were my suggestion for the light side on the log cabin blocks and Lori requested stitch in the ditch for the dark side.  The contrast between the quilting designs does help to bring out the pattern.

The quilting does show up clearing on the green backing.


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  1. A masterpiece all over from fabric to design to quilting!!!!!