Thursday, October 7, 2021


This is new quilter Kerri's Crossroads quit.  The patterns is by Quilty Love.  She wanted simple straight line quilting for a clean modern look.

When Kerri contacted me about quilting, she had some very different questions for me - would I be able to tackle her project?  Was her quilt doable?  These questions had me curious - so I asked for a photo and more info.  It turns out Kerri had taken her quilt somewhere else and had a very negative experience, especially for a first time quilter. She said the communication was frustrating, but as a new quilter she didn't totally know what to expect.  After quilting about 36"of it, with a single line of stitiching through the centre of the squares (I could still see the needle holes) they decided that they could not complete the projects as the "seam intersections were too bulky" and it wasn't pieced well enough for straight lines to look good.  They returned the quilt to Kerri and she was shocked and filled with doubt.  I am still perplexed as to what was causing the other quilter issues, as this top looked like it was made by a seasoned perfectionist quilter, and it was well pressed.  

I gave Kerri some different options and discussed the pros and cons of straight lines, and Kerri decided her vision was irregularly spaced straight lines so that is what we moved forward with.  I could tell Kerri was still a bit apprehensive when she dropped her quilt off because of her past experience, so once I had it on the machine and things were progressing exactly as I expected I texted her this photo to put her mind at ease.  

I often say hiring a longarm quilter to finding the right hairdresser.  You need to find the person who "gets" you, and your feel comfortable with.  I was happy to help Kerri finish her project.  She now wants to make more quilts and enjoy her new found hobby.

I absolutely love the mustard coloured backing fabric!


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  1. I’m so happy for Kerri that she gave you a chance. Beautiful quilt!