Monday, September 8, 2014

Black, White & Red - Perfect Ten

This is Sheri's "Perfect Ten" Quilt.  Sheri's black and white collection of fabrics had some great pops of red and adding the red"frames" really brought that out.  Sheri asked for a feminine panto and "Dainty" echoed the motifs in her fabric really well.

 I decided on red thread top and bottom. I like how the thread blends in nicely on the solid red frames and it very subtle on the black and white prints.  I usually match my bobbin thread to the back of the quilt, but this one was calling out to be just a little different. The Bottom Line thread that I used is very thin, so it isn't really dramatic but it does add some interest to the back of the quilt.

Thanks Sheri, this is a fun one!


  1. Very nice you too! I like that - it's very striking.

  2. It looks great and the thread color was perfect.