Thursday, September 18, 2014

Iron Caddies

I am very excited to say that it is quilting retreat weekend for me!  I decided to treat myself and my girls to a couple of new iron caddies.

This is my new travel iron tote/mat made from the "Caddy Pad" pattern.  It came with the instructions and the heat resistant fabric.  I found a couple of batiks that I loved and now I have an ironing surface and a way to pack up my hot iron for the ride home.

I had an old ironing mat that I knew I would no longer be using so I decided to repurpose it into a couple of flat iron totes for Kyla and Kendra.  I used this tutorial from the "Crap I've made blog".  

I made a small change from the tutorial and used my old ironing mat in place of the batting and fabric on one side. They turned out really well.   They provide a protective surface when then iron is heating up.

After you are done, you can pop the hot iron into the pocket, pop the cord under the flap and you are safe to throw it in your suitcase or wherever.

The girls didn't know what I was up to with these, but were very happy with the surprise.  I might just have to borrow one to take with me on the retreat!


  1. That's exactly what I need for this weekend too! One for my mini travel iron and one for my flat iron! Great projects and I"ll have to check out that blog.

  2. Really neat ideas, Lori. I am looking forward to seeing your new caddy. Just a few more hours.