Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sunflowers and Sunbonnets

I have been finishing quilts, but I haven't shared much lately so I will try to make up for it by sharing two today.  First up is Bev's Mahjongg quilt.  Bev requested a light and open panto as this quilt is intended for the hammock in her solarium. (You know Bev has truly been bitten by the quilting bug when her hammock gets a dedicated quilt!)

I used the "Quirky" panto, Dream Puff batting and Bev also selected one of my wide Stonehenge backings.

I don't have a solarium, but I do have to say the quilt would be perfect for a little nap in the hammock!

Next I will share June's Sunbonnet Sue Calendar quilt.  June was very good at articulating her preference for light quilting.  She didn't want anything fussy so I did less dense quilting than I might have otherwise.

Each block represents a different month of the year, and the fabrics and trims were selected very carefully to match each theme. A labour of love indeed.

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  1. Beautiful and love the theme. Labor of love for sure!