Monday, April 16, 2018

Memory Quilts

I feel very privileged that quilters trust me with their treasures.  These 3 memory quilts were made by Bonnie for a dear friend who recently lost her husband.  The quilts are for the gentleman's wife, daughter and granddaughter.

With the exception of the navy sashing fabric, all the squares and even the borders were cut from his shirts.  The quilts all have a unique border, but contain the same fabrics in the center.

Bonnie included some neat details like pockets, pocket squares and buttons, so I knew that a freehand design that I could do from the front of the machine was the right choice, and I did the topographical map lines across the entire quilt top.

The quilts were only about 54" square, so I was able to load one piece of extra wide backing fabric and fit two quilts across the width of my machine.  The third one went on underneath.

I love the texture of the quilting on the navy Stonehenge backing fabric.

1 comment:

  1. What treasures those quilts are! You picked the perfect quilting for them too!
    My hubby is still around, but I might just start saving some of his no-longer-wearable shirts for a quilt (or two!) like this!