Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Windy Hill Farm

I had the pleasure of being in on a secret while working on the fabulous quilt for Audrey.  The quilt was a surprise gift for Audrey's daughter Megan who is also one of my quilting clients (see previous post)    Audrey appliqued and pieced the entire project without Megan catching on which involved a lot of extra stash hiding, garbage emptying, sewing room tidying and sweeping the are of stray threads so Megan wouldn't ask any questions!

The pattern is called Windy Hill Farm from the Red Boot Quilt Company.  Audrey requested custom quilting but left the choices up to me.  I outlined the large applique pieces and added a variety of background fills behind all of the different animals.  I think the little daisy fill behind the sheep might be my favorite!

This fun yellow check print was the perfect compliment on the back!


  1. Oh, to be there when she opens her parcel, this is stunning, the details in each part, the daisy quilting so fitting as daisies would grow in the paddocks, the eyes, and everything else, what a delight for you to see it, quilt it, and be able to show it to us.

  2. That's absolutely gorgeous, both the applique and your lovely quilting to finish it off!