Friday, September 17, 2021

Heart Crazies and a Bonus quilt

Sherry is fully in stash busting mode.  This is one of her latest creations from a Buggy Barn pattern called Heart Crazies.  I like Sherry's interesting layout with the blocks extending into the border in some rows.

I have quilted a number of quilts for Sherry and I have a pretty good handle on her likes and dislikes.  It took a little longer to decide on the right quilting plan for this one.  I sent Sherry many pantograph options but nothing seemed right to either of us.  I wanted to offer a reasonably priced option as this wasn't a quilt that warranted fancy custom quilting.  Eventually we found the perfect plan.  I stitched around the hearts and added a simple stipple in the background (one of Sherry's favorites) and a larger stipple in the border.  Custom, but with a light hand to keep it more affordable.

When I was outside getting my photos of this quilt, I had a little visitor stop by to visit the pretty floral border!

Sherry decided that the fabrics she had pulled from her stash to make the heart quilt were not going back, so she created "Heart Leftovers."

Sherry selected the Gingersnap pantograph for a sweet finish.

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