Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Pair of Table Runners

Sheri sent me a pair of table runners.  They come from the pattern "Little Charmers 5" by Anika's Treasures.  It is amazing how different they look in different fabrics.

Sheri requested the "Snow Winds" panto on this Christmas themed runner.  I resized it to 75% of its standard size, so that the scale would be more appropriate for a small project.  I used Magnifico thread in the top and bobbin as Sheri wanted the pattern to show up well on her solid backing fabric to make the runner reversible.

And now her version made with a cool modern collection of fabrics.

 I custom quilted this one with a mix of straight lines, "U-turns" and pebbles.  I love how it turned out!

Love the backing on this one.  I didn't want any pokes of purple thread on the bright white fabric on the front so I used white in the bobbin for the pebbles and love the effect it gave on the back.


  1. Love those fun to see the same pattern done so differently. I was thinking I would really like to try a few runners this coming year...maybe then I would get past my inability to make little quilts!

  2. I really like them both and the pattern she used. I'm going to hunt that one down for myself.