Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dorothy's Leaf Row Quilt

This is Dorothy's Leaf Row quilt.  Dorothy was one of the leaders of this project for the Nimble Thimbles guild.  I think her quilt turned out fabulously and makes me want to get mine finished!

Dorothy used some lovely batiks, but isn't a batik snob like I am, and can easily mix prints, orientals and whatever else catches her eye. It is always fun to work on Dorthy's quilts and discover all the cool fabrics they contain.

I was a little bit surprised when Dorothy asked for a panto on her quilt, as normally I do more elaborate quilting for her, (and she did some hand applique) but a simple panto was all this quilt needed.   The busy border and sashing fabric would have hid most of the quilting and the Breath of the Gods panto gives the feeling of wind swirling the leaves around in the fall.

The Stonehenge wide backing fabric was the perfect compliment too.


  1. beautiful job on the colors of the quilt, I like the idea of the quilting being the air stirring the leaves around. nicely done!

  2. I can understand why you want to get your leaf row quilt done. These quilts are gorgeous. I love the colours Dorothy used. They remind me of autumn leaves in the wind; especially with the panto that was used. Wonderful work, Dorothy and Lori.