Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fancy Fox

This is Reneta's version of Elizabeth Hartman's Fancy Fox quilt.  This was a bit of a stash busting project for Reneta.  I believe she only purchased the background and the black.  The beautiful variety of rusts, oranges and browns were fabrics that she collected over the years.

There are many versions of this quilt out there, and the vast majority have been quilted with a wood grain texture like the original.  Reneta loved that look and it was her request of me.  My version of wood grain still has quite a few knots, but more open grain that others.

Reneta made a couple of extra blocks and made this cute pillow front.

A brown Stonehenge backing really complimented the whole thing really well.


  1. I really like the fabrics Reneta used in her Fox quilt and your quilting gives it really nice texture! Good job ladies!

  2. Lovely job, Reneta and Lori. Reneta must have some stash as each and every project from her stash is so wonderful. I love the colours---a real foxy feel.