Friday, February 19, 2016

Puzzling Pieces

This quilt was brought to me by my friend Dawn, but was actually made by her mother Eleanor. 
Dawn snagged a few of her mom's unquilted tops when she was home in Michigan and brought them to me.  Besides being a quilter, Eleanor is also an artist and her talents shine through in the color composition of this quilt.  As quilters we often try to spread out the reds, and blues and oranges evenly throughout the body of a quilt, and heaven forbid they touch!  Eleanor's take is exactly the opposite and I think it is stunning!  I believe the pattern is called Puzzling Pieces and you can find it at 

Dawn and I picked the quilting plan together. I was doodling ideas and Dawn knew exactly what she liked.  My version of "3's and e's" that had points, and large pebbles in the black.  Dawn also knew she wanted a bold variegated thread - Fantastico #5114 called "Playhouse".

I knew that I wanted to try to get some outdoor photos and there really isn't any undisturbed snow in my yard as my friendly neighborhood rabbit has been enjoying the mild weather!

I did manage to get a few shots that highlight the texture and the colors.

But the wind made it a bit of a challenge.  The quilt rolled into a ball more than once!

Here is a little bit of the texture on the back.

This was a lot of fun to work on.  Thanks Dawn and Eleanor!


  1. I love this quilt! Dawn certainly comes by her artistic talents honestly, her mother did a wonderful job!