Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Gail's Leaf Row Quilt

This is Gail's version of the Leaf Row Quilt.  You can read more about the guild project and see another quilt in this post.  I currently have five of these beauties in my possession (plus my pile of unfinished blocks!) and they are all very different.  Gail chose the most unique color palette and I think it is very striking.

Discussion came up at one of our recent meetings about whether or not I would put a panto on a quilt like this.  There are some appliqued blocks.  Some are done by hand and some by machine, and I usually don't choose to panto over hand applique.   In this case I thought Gail's quilt was the perfect candidate for a pantograph as the printed border and sashing fabrics would not show off custom quilting, and the extra cost would not be worth it. There is always more than one way to approach quilting a quilt.  Sometimes budget dictates the choice, in this case it was the fabric.

Gail chose the Raindrops panto and the even texture is very pleasing.  I used a stone colored thread and in blended in very nicely, only really showing up on the medium grey you see below.

A lot of work has gone into getting this quilt top together, and I am happy to be able to assist getting it to the finish line.  Gail recently moved in to a new house and she is putting this quilt on her bed. Quilters give so many things away, that it is nice to hear they do keep one for themselves every now and again!


  1. Очень красиво и стильно. Аккуратно и качественно.

  2. I love this project! Wish there was something like this in my area. You ladies have a fantastic group:)

  3. She did a wonderful job on it and raindrops works really well.