Monday, February 29, 2016

Two for Eleanor

First up is this awesome "I Spy" quilt made by Eleanor.   Once again I am taken by Eleanor's artistic flair and love her placement of the fabrics focusing the lights in the center and the dark around the perimeter.

There are over 300 unique fabrics in this quilt.  Eleanor's daughter Dawn could pick out who in the family they represented.

  I had a lot of fun discovering all the fun fabrics in this quilt. Where does one find hog riding hog fabric?? 

One thing Eleanor did that I thought was really smart was to add a rectangle every once in a while when the fabric called for it.  This student below is one example.

Dawn chose the Breathe of the Gods panto on her mom's behalf and I think it just adds a nice finish without taking away from all the special fabrics.  My go to blending thread when faced with black, white and everything in between was So Fine #469 - Lewis and Clark.

This is Eleanor's scrap quilt.I assumed this quilt would get an all over design or a pantograh, but  Dawn once again worked with me to come up with a quilting plan that was a little more out of my box.  We decided on an organic wreath with ginkgo leaves, berries over a group of 4 of the scrap blocks.   Credit for this kind of quilting technique goes to Bethanne Nemesh of White Arbour Quilting and her book "If you Can Feather You Can Freehand".

The quilting is much easier to see on the back of the quilt.  It was a lot of fun to quilt, and the back is very pretty.


  1. They both really look great. Nicely done.

  2. the quilt looks magnificent. well done girl, another masterpiece!!