Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Celtic Illusions

This wall hanging belongs to Trina.  Trina and I met when we both lived in Flin Flon, she now lives in Kentucky, but made this at a class when she was living in Austria!  The pattern is called Celtic Illusions by Karen Combs.    

I was able to catch these photos in the last few moments of sunlight yesterday afternoon.  Trina and I decided on some non traditional feathers with bubbles in the plumes to play off the bubbles in the background fabric.  I changed up the spine a little bit in the outer border just to keep things interesting.

 In the end I opted to only stitch in the ditch around the brown.  This pattern goes together in a neat way, but the width of the brown pieces is not consistent - you don't see this when looking at the knot but I didn't want to spoil the illusion.

 Some "u-turns" on a few of the inner sections added a nice balance.

 I am fairly pleased with the results of my snow dyeing.  I was expecting a little different result from the black, and I thought some of the pink would have been more prominent,  but I think I can work with it. When I was picking my colors and adding the dye I was thinking stormy sky and blooming canola fields.


  1. You did a wonderful job on Trina's quilt! Love the picture in the snow.
    Your snow dyeing pieces are great, love the light to dark contrast in the piece.

  2. The snow dying is always so fun to see...but how do you ever get the nerve to cut it up!