Monday, January 20, 2014

Productive Weekend

We had a guild UFO day this weekend and I got a really good start on a new quilt project.  I purchased this fabric after our trip to Yellowstone this summer and wanted to get into a project before it got stale. I didn't have a plan when I purchased the fabric, so some of the designing was to successfully use what I bought.

 I did all my cutting at home and this was my pile to take to the sewing day.

I got 196 HST sewn and cut apart.  I saved the pressing and trimming for home as my setup here is much more ergonomic!    "Just keep trimming, just keep trimming!" The trimming takes a little extra time, but I feel it is very worthwhile as the rest of the piecing will be so much easier.

I got all these sections made.  They were the ones that required that most counting and attention. All in all I will need almost 400 of those triangle in a square sections!

And a peak at my basket afterwards.  A lot less, but as you can see by this stack of center triangles, there are still quite a few of those triangle in a square units to make!  

While I was happily sewing away, Nolan tackled the flooring in the back landing and the basement stairs.  We removed the carpeting more than 2 years ago so this is really nice to see coming together.  Not done yet, but getting there!

And we had time for a ski in Riding Mountain National Park.  We were a little frosty by the end, but it was just lovely. Hope you had a good weekend too!


  1. I am very curious so I will await future posts. Love your colour palette. Were you trying to match the colours of the scenery in Yellowstone? Looks like you had a great ski.

  2. Lori, just love work. Check your blog often to see what you are up to. Just one question, not quilt related, the flooring on your steps in this post, is it ceramic tile or linoleum? Is that a wood trim on it? I have never seen steps like that before and think they are wonderful.