Monday, January 13, 2014

Peekaboo Quilt

 Reneta made this really fun "Peekaboo" baby quilt.

Behind each set of flaps is a fussy cut square with a different animal.  I was with Reneta at a guild sewing day when she was working on this quilt and I was teasing her about what a pain all those flaps were going to be for her quilter! Actually, they weren't too bad at all.  They stayed in place as I quilted around them, and then a few pins got them out of the way to quilt underneath them.

Reneta added a plain rectangle of fabric in the border so that we could personalize it with the baby's name.

A shot of the cheerful backing.  I love the pieced in stripe of border fabric.  Really adds some interest.  We used the Dream Puff batting to keep it really light and cuddly.

We enjoyed some milder winter weather over the weekend and thought we should take advantage of it with a family ice fishing afternoon.  Kendra had the catch of the day with this 65 cm pickerel.  She was in the tent with Kyla getting a hot dog ready when we heard some commotion.  Then it was "Dad, hold my hot dog, there's a fish."  She pulled it up and then let dad measure and take it from there. (Unfortunately all fish between 45 cm and 70 cm must be released on Dauphin Lake so there was no fish supper for us.)


  1. Reneta's quilt is very cute and I can see the flaps were easily handled by her longarmer!
    Love the picture of you guys ice fishing, it was a nice mild weekend. Too bad you had to throw the Pickerel back, would have made a great meal.

  2. Reneta's quilt is sweet. Ice fishing must have been a wonderful time. Congratulations, Kendra. I have yet to get out fishing. Too cold and when the weather was mild this weekend I was quilting!