Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Emily's Wedding Quilt

Connie brought me this wonderful scrappy quilt.  The pattern is Emily's Wedding Quilt by Fons and Porter.  Essentially it is made up of two traditional blocks  - Shoo Fly and 54-40  or Fight.

I love how curves appear out of all straight seams.  Connie left the quilting design up to me.  I debated about trying to come up with a custom quilting design that would enhance the circles or use a panto.  When considering the size of the quilt (100 x 100), the borderless design, its intended use and my online searches of how other similar quilts were treated, I decided that a panto was the best fit for this situation.

A white So Fine! thread disappeared into the 30s reproduction fabrics and white background.  The panto is called Lithe.


  1. Beautiful, and your quilting emphasis the pattern so much.

  2. Yes I agree with Nancy, this is a great choice that enhances the quilt.

  3. They are so lovely! :)
    Hugs, Ulla from Finland